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Bonita Gets Double Shot of San Dimas Love

Posted Monday, October 13, 2008 by By Joe Torosian
Bonita Gets Double Shot of San Dimas Love
By Joe Torosian

“It wasn’t wine that I had too much of, it was a double shot of my baby’s love.”

(LaVerne)--- And what wasn’t to love for San Dimas fans?

  Daniel Joseph and Nico Barbone both ran for over 200 hundred yards, over 400 combine, and added seven touchdowns in the Saints 50-33 win Friday night over rival Bonita.

  “I’m very happy with the performance of my team,” said San Dimas Coach Bill Zernickow. “Both runners (Barbone & Joseph) ran extremely well and hard against a Bonita team that presented a lot of problems.”

  The Saints also kept the coveted Smudge Pot.

  “It’s a 100 times better than last year,” said Barbone. “I trained all off season for this, it is great.”

  San Dimas had 11 possessions on the night.

  One ended with a turnover on downs, another ended with a Barbone punt, another ended on a Barbone fumble, and five others ended on Barbone scoring runs of 9, 13, 2, 15, and 8.

San Dimas photos courtesy of Thomas Messinger visit his website www.PhotoWorksSGV.com  to see his galleries
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  “The offensive line played a helluva game,” said Barbone.

  Two other possessions ended in Joseph touchdown runs of 67 and 42-yards. The first was an explosion through the heart of the Bearcat defense with 7:07 to play in the second that gave his team a 22-7 lead.

  After Bonita crawled back with a pair of Terry Paradez touchdown passes to tie the score at 22, with 35-seconds left in the first half, Joseph exploded again.

  First covering 23-yards from his own 35 to the Bearcat 42, Joseph cashed in the remainder of yards by going through the line, cutting left up the Bonita sideline, then cutting back right across the field to pay dirt.

  “I’m thinking end zone,” said Joseph about when he gets the ball and hits the line. “This feels so great.”

  The San Dimas fans loved this double shot that improved their team to 5-0 on the season and allowed them to keep the Smudge Pot for another year. Barbone finished with 200-yards on 26-carries and five scores, Joseph 213-yards, and two touchdowns, on 11-carries.

  It's a good thing for me they don't bottle that stuff…

  Late in the third Bearcats pulled within four on a field goal to make it 29-25.

  With momentum swinging towards the home team Zernickow went to a take care of business formation. Lining his team up in a best described as a “Triple I” they set about pounding the ball.

  The drive, as important as any all season, covered 66-yards on seven plays with Gabe Strobel in the lead at fullback, Joseph, and then Da Hammer (Barbone).

  Barbone touched it six times and scored on a two-yard run. Joseph keyed the game changer with a 44-yard run.

  “It’s designed to beat people up,” said Zernickow about the set that re-established control of the game.

  The Saints recovered the following kick-off at the Bonita 33, two plays later Barbone scored on a 15-yard run to make it 43-25.

  Unwilling to rollover Paradez led his team on a scoring drive the culminated with a nine-yard touchdown pass to Derrick Price.

  The score was Price’s second of the game as he caught 9-passes for 118-yards. Running back Doug Griffith caught six passes for 100-yards, most on screens and flat routs, and a touchdown.

  Paradez finished 21 of 37 for 261-yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions as Bonita fell to 3-2.

  San Dimas responded to this final push by going 71-yards over six minutes before Barbone closed the deal with an eight-yard run.

  The Saints eleventh possession, the one San Dimas fans looked forward to the most, ended with Mick Kalmar taking a knee.

  …And they loved it.

  “Great job guys,” Zernickow told his team after the game. “We got a lot of things to work on; I’ll see you at 8:30 tomorrow morning.”

    Well, my heart begins to fly like a dove, when I take a double shot of my baby's love

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